June 20, 2021

The Japanese government is likely to start eating dried fruits and dried fruits are often eaten by the poor.

Japan already eats rice for breakfast and lunch.

This would be a great idea.

What about fruits?

Japan already eats dried fruit.

It’s part of a broader change to food, where Japanese have begun to eat dried fruits like dried dates.

In fact, in Japan, the government says there are plans to grow up to 25,000 varieties of dried fruits by 2030. 

In the United States, people are beginning to notice the same trend.

They’re starting to get excited about fruits like apple, pear, peach, cranberry, blackberry, apple, banana, mango, peach and pear. 

And they’re getting the idea that the fruits are the healthiest.

“You can’t eat any more food for the rest of your life,” says Dr. Jennifer Bussman, a nutritionist at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

It seems like the Japanese are catching on.

There are even websites dedicated to encouraging people to buy dried fruit, such as the Japanese Fruit Shop, which sells dried fruits in shops and restaurants around Japan.

The Japanese government already says that by 2030, it’s trying to switch to a more natural food diet.

The government is spending about 3 billion yen ($3.3 billion) on programs that encourage farmers to use fresh fruits and vegetables, and it’s looking at ways to improve the quality of foods.

But for now, the Japanese government still wants to keep a small portion of its food supply imported from outside the country.

And it’s unlikely that many of the products that the Japanese eat in the U.S. will be eaten here.

That’s because Japan doesn’t have a large expatriate population and it needs to import about 1.6 billion yen of food annually.

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