July 20, 2021

In the Pakistani capital of Islamabad, you can buy dried fruit for about Rs.1,200.

But you can’t make a fruitcake from it, as you can only make a plain fruitcake.

And that’s what I did.

I tried my hand at making a fruit cake with dried fruit, but this is not a simple recipe.

First, I had to get my hands on some dried fruit.

I found that I could make a good fruitcake with just about any kind of dried fruit (as long as you get it fresh).

And as it turns out, dried fruit is very cheap and easy to find.

Here are the steps:1.

Peel and cut the fruit into pieces.2.

Put them in a food processor with some vegetable oil.3.

Blend the ingredients and then add it to the food processor.4.

Now, you’re ready to make a banana cake with dry fruit.1.

Cut the fruit in half and add them to the blender with some water.2: Add the dried fruit and the water and blend.3: Pour in a glass of water.4: Blend the fruit and you’re done!

You can buy dry fruit in the market and you can also buy fresh fruit in your local grocery store.

This is where the difficulty comes in.

Because the dried fruits are in the raw state, they have no taste and you will not get the best results.

So, if you want to get a good quality fruitcake, you will have to make it in a blender and then bake it.

This banana cake recipe is easy and quick.

The only thing you need to know about it is to use the dry fruit you buy and then you can use the same ingredients to make the banana cake.

I used dried mango, dried apricots, dried pineapple, dried papaya and dried mango.

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