July 24, 2021

“You can be dry,” he says.

“You just have to eat fresh.

We don’t eat dry food.

We eat whole fruit, and dried fruit.

It’s not that we’re eating dried fruit for any particular reason.”

The new fruit is a new form of fruit, but it has the same appeal as the older varieties.

“It’s a fresh-picked fruit,” Mr Cuthbert says.

“It’s not like it’s dried, and it’s not even a whole fruit,” he adds.

“The idea is it’s a whole tree, and we can’t get any fruit from the other trees we’re going to grow.

So we’re growing these three new trees that we’ve been growing here for three years, with fresh, and all three of them are ready to go into production.”

Mr Cuthberts family has been growing kumbhat dried fruit at their farm since 1993.

“Our kumbhaka is really very close to the ground,” he explains.

“We can get all the moisture we need out of it, and that’s the main thing.”

The first two trees were grown at a farm in the rural suburb of Mount Kelleys, which is just 10 kilometres from the CBD.

The farmers say they are not happy about the impact of climate change on their farm.

“That’s our livelihood, we’re very close by to the CBD,” Mr Kelley says.

He says the new crop has brought in some new business for the local farmers, and they are looking to get their produce to market this year.

“They’ve been very good to us,” Mr Lai says.

The family has grown their kumbhakas to be 10 metres high, which will be a lot taller than most kumbakas.

They have planted another crop next year, and the crop will be harvested at a later date.

“You have to be really careful of where you harvest it, because you don’t want to overharvest it,” Mr Wainwright says.

Mr Kelleyer says the crop is in good health, and he is hopeful it will be ready for harvest in the next few weeks.

“I’m looking forward to it,” he said.


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