July 26, 2021

The future is still to come, but there are a few big items that you can expect to see in grocery stores this holiday season.


Haritaki, dried fruit and dried fruit juice bars will be available in grocery chains starting on Monday.


Fresh fruits will be in most supermarkets, with fresh produce like apples, strawberries, blueberries, pears and pomegranates coming to most supermarkets by mid-January.


Frozen fruits will still be available at many grocery stores.


The new Frozen Fresh line of grocery store fresh produce will offer a variety of fresh fruit, vegetable and dairy products, including bananas, pineapple, grapes, melons, peaches, strawberries and pears.

The brand will have 10,000-plus products to choose from, with a limited number of flavors and sizes to accommodate shoppers who like fresh fruit.

The Frozen Fresh brand will also include frozen fruit and fruit juice, plus frozen yogurt, juice drinks, frozen yogurt bars and frozen yogurt cookies.


You’ll also be able to buy dried fruit at most grocery stores, including Costco, Safeway and Whole Foods.


For those who have a family member with food allergies, there are plans to have them pick their own frozen fruit.


There are also plans to introduce an online program for shoppers to choose their own dried fruit.


Fresh fruit at the Whole Foods grocery store will be sold by the pound, which is usually about half of what it was a few years ago.


Whole Foods will be offering a wide variety of organic produce, and Whole Food Express will be opening a store at the Target Center.


For the first time in years, the Whole Grocery chain is opening a new Whole Foods Market store in Chicago.


Whole Health, the company that runs the Target store, will also open a new store in Atlanta and a second Whole Foods store in San Diego.


A brand-new Whole Foods Mart in Seattle will open on December 20.

The Whole Foods Express store in Washington state will open in January.


A Whole Foods location in San Francisco is slated to open on January 1.


A new Whole Grocer will open at a shopping center in Los Angeles.


There will also be a Whole Foods franchise in Las Vegas, which will open its first store on February 2.


There’ll be a new restaurant in Chicago and a Whole Food Marketplace store will open next year in the Chicago suburbs.


A store at a Target store will start opening next year.


A supermarket in New York City will start selling frozen pizza on February 1.


A Target store in Philadelphia will open later this year.


There’s also a new retail store in Boston, where Whole Foods is scheduled to open in 2019.


There is a new grocery store in Dallas and a new Target store is slated for next year as well.


And a new grocer in Minneapolis will open.

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