July 27, 2021

NEW YORK — Scientists have found that drying fruits may help remove toxic substances from them.

A team led by Professor Andrew Whelan of the School of Forestry, Landscape and Urban Studies at the University of California at Berkeley found that dried fruit extract could remove toxic materials from dried fruits.

They report the results of their work in the Journal of Environmental Science and Technology.

Whelan said he is concerned about the potential of drying fruit extracts to be used in food packaging and other industrial applications.

He said this could lead to contamination of the fruit with toxins.

Dried fruit extract, or FDAA, is a chemical extracted from the dried fruit.

It is produced by a variety of commercial and non-commercial growers.

Wettan and his colleagues looked at the effects of FDAA on plants growing in anaerobic conditions, including high temperatures, humidity and nitrogen.

The researchers exposed the fruits to FDAA for 48 hours in a lab setting.

Then, they treated the fruits with different concentrations of FDIAAs, including one that contained 1,000 times less of the substance than the other.

They then exposed the fruit to a solution of FDTA or FDBA.

The FDAA in the FDAA-treated fruit extract led to the lowest levels of FDDAAs found in any of the fruits tested.

The study is not conclusive, but it does show that FDAA can remove toxic chemicals from fruit.

Wydlak said he and his team are working with food manufacturers to find out what the results would be for the rest of the industry.

The FDA’s website lists FDAA as a potentially toxic substance, and it’s important to find any products that may contain it, Wydlack said.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration requires food labels to state the amount of FDFA as part of the ingredient list.

Wydlon said that information could help consumers make informed choices about products.

The FDA has a website with information about the effects FDAA has on fruits and vegetables.

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