August 5, 2021

India’s mangos are starting their second winter in a row.

The last time the fruit was harvested was in September.

The state of Maharashtra will see a total of 50,000 mangoes in February, a new record.

The last time it was this large was in August 2010, when it reached 42,000.

Mango farmers say the crop will go on till April, after which they will be able to sell the fruit for higher prices.

The season will start from February 1, with a peak of March 31, followed by April 2.

Mangoes are being harvested on a large scale in Maharashtra because of the monsoon rains, which will bring huge yields to the crop.

According to the government, the monsoons have already seen huge yields, reaching an average of 25 million tonnes per year.

The annual harvest has also seen some impressive growth.

The harvest will reach an average yield of over 20 million tonnes in 2019, with the state expected to hit 30 million tonnes by 2022.

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