August 6, 2021

As many as 1 in 6 Americans may develop dementia, according to the Alzheimer’s Association.

And the Alzheimer Disease Association is urging Americans to get rid of their fruit and vegetables and take the calcium they need.

But that may not be enough for some.

“The calcium in dried fruits, especially in those with low levels, is so high that it’s hard for a lot of people to absorb,” says Amy Johnson, a clinical nutritionist and nutritionist for the Alzheimer Association.

Johnson says a lack of calcium can cause heart and blood pressure problems, diabetes, and a lower quality of life.

And, for some, it can make it hard to move around or eat.

“We know that when we’re elderly, we have more mobility problems,” Johnson says.

“So, a lot more walking or even going through doors can cause difficulty.”

The Association says people who have low calcium levels can have higher blood pressure and high blood cholesterol.

And people who are overweight or obese are more likely to develop dementia.

To help prevent dementia, Johnson recommends cutting down on processed foods, avoiding processed foods like sugary drinks, and eating a variety of fruits and vegetables.

“You need to be eating foods that are whole, fresh, and that are not processed,” Johnson explains.

Johnson recommends eating a balanced diet that includes vegetables and whole fruits and low-calcium fruits and veggies.

“If you’re a vegetarian, you need to avoid processed foods that have added sugars or preservatives,” Johnson adds.

Some people may be able to get the calcium from a variety out of the refrigerator, but that’s not always possible, Johnson says, because some foods that use vitamin D, such as salmon and spinach, may have a higher concentration of the vitamin than other fruits and foods.

Johnson cautions that, for many people, they may need to limit what they eat.

“The more fruits and whole foods you have, the less calcium you need, because it takes the calcium away from the vitamin D,” Johnson advises.

Johnson encourages people to get their calcium from whole foods.

“Just go to the store and get whole fruits, whole vegetables, and be as healthy as possible,” she says.

Johnson also recommends that people avoid taking vitamin supplements.

“Vitamin D, it’s just not as effective in our bodies as calcium,” Johnson cautions.

“People should just go to a natural source of vitamin D.”

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