September 9, 2021

Dried fruits and fruit juices are a popular way to make fresh fruit salads, so why aren’t they safer than using the traditional method of chopping and chopping the fruit and using a machine?

The reason is simple: They are not.

According to researchers from the University of Sydney and The University of Queensland, the fruits and juices we eat and the juices we drink are made up of many different ingredients.

So the slicers in your fridge can’t just pick up any fruit from the garden or a supermarket shelf.

It must also be made of the right ingredients and it must also have been tested on animals to make sure it is safe for human consumption.

“We think it’s safe,” Dr Michael Breen from the Australian National University, said.

“What’s more, the ingredients used in these products have been independently tested and shown to be safe.”

He said the researchers found that they were 99 per cent safe, with only one safety issue.

“In terms of the safety of these products, the answer is no,” Dr Breen said.

The Australian Consumer and Food Safety Authority (ACFSA) said they have been reviewing the products and looking into how they are made.

But they have yet to make any findings about the safety.

Dr Bown says the researchers have done a good job of testing the ingredients of the products.

“This is a very good study,” he said.