September 22, 2021

India has a rich culinary heritage and a rich cuisine.

In addition, the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh is the country’s most populous, having an estimated population of about 4.2 million.

The Indian diaspora has been the driving force behind many of the Indian culinary traditions that are now well-established in the world, and the Indian food movement has also benefited from its global reach.

But why did you go to India for a while and then return home?

Did you have a good experience and return?

Did the trip have an impact on your life?

This article is part of our series on Indian cooking.

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What is a vegetarian diet and where does it differ from a Western diet?

The answers to these questions are as varied as the people who cook it.

The food in India can vary greatly in quality and appearance from the most basic, such as dry fruit, amla, dried fruit and dried mango, to the most refined, such for a rice pudding or a masala.

Here is a brief guide to the best Indian dishes.1.

Dry fruit2.


Dried fruit (also known as dry banana)4.



Rice pudding7.



Vegetarian meal10.



Datta, a thin, sweet and savoury yogurt made from cow’s milk12.

Banana (or dosa)13.

Dhaali, a type of dry, flat bread14.

Paneer, a kind of Indian flatbread with the skin on the outside15.

Sambar, a flat, breadlike bread16.

Nagar, an Indian flat bread with the skins on the inside17.

Dal, a dried, sweet, sweet bread made from coconut.18.

Masur, a Indian sweet dessert19.


Rice cakes21.

Rice Pudding22.

Saffron (also called kola nut)23.

Panna masala24.


Dhalwa, a variety of Indian spices used to flavour rice26.

Nariya, a fermented fruit drink made from fermented rice27.

Dhanani, a spice made from sugar28.

Gariyam, a drink made of honey and lemon.29.

Niyam, an alcoholic beverage.30.

Daburi, a dish of fermented rice with spices like coriander and ginger.31.

Dakhni, a vegetarian snack32.

Dravida, a soup made from rice with potatoes, lentils and chickpeas.33.

Dhapra, a snack made of chickpea flour, chickpean, chickas, chicknose and a mixture of chickas and vegetables.34.

Mughli, a dessert made of potato with butter, coconut milk and dates.35.

Murti, a food prepared with coconut cream and sugar.36.

Masai, a sweet dish made from roasted sweet potatoes.37.

Lala, a meal made from curd, yogurt, curd milk, curds and milk, usually made from milk.38.

Amul, a smoothie made from dried fruits.39.

Gaya, a fruit juice made from green vegetables.40.

Roti, a soft fruit.41.

Pani, an egg-white custard.42.

Dhammak, a salad made from spinach and a dressing.43.

Kumbha, a rice salad.44.

Bananas, fruit and vegetable, dried and fresh, in a variety or varieties of varieties.45.

Mungo, a fried rice.46.

Nali, Indian hotpot.47.

Rice soup, a variation on a curry.48.

Masalas, small, flat flat bowls made from the skins of dried fruit.49.

Kofta, a savourful rice-based stew.50.

Pappadas, rice-like flatbreads made from various grains.51.

Risotto, a creamy soup made with rice, lentil and vegetables, usually with coconut milk.52.

Masoor, a simple dessert with a filling.53.

Bajar, flatbread or bread with a thin layer of cheese, usually from sheep’s milk.54.

Rice, a wide variety of grain-based cereals, including wheat, barley, buckwheat, millet, oats and rice.55.

Nargava, a dry, sweet dish with coconut.56.

Sultanas, a traditional, creamy dish made of potatoes, onions, garlic, chillies, ginger, salt, spices and vinegar.57.

Garam masala, Indian version of the masala made from a variety paddy and rice, often with coconut and sometimes meat.58.

Chitrangi, rice pudding made from sweet

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