September 25, 2021

Posted November 03, 2018 10:21:03I have been a huge fan of the Dessert King for years, and have had a lot of fun with my boxes.

I love the simple but delicious flavors, the low price, and the way they fit into my diet.

This post is for you, my friends.

Here are my top tips for getting the best of both worlds:1.

Buy a Dessert Box and put it into the freezer for a few days, preferably overnight.

This way you’ll get a taste for the fruit you’re looking for without having to break out the blender.2.

Make sure the fruit is well frozen, and it should be very soft and not hard as it will break down easily in the fridge.


Place the frozen fruit in a large bowl and let it sit for several hours.4.

After a few hours, pour the frozen fruits into the fruit bowl and top with a little more sugar to thicken it up a bit.5.

Pour the ice cream into the bowl, pour it slowly, and then let it rest.


Top it with a drizzle of honey or a drizzling of cream, or anything you like.


Bake at 375F for at least 20 minutes, or until the top is bubbly.


Once the ice is melted and the fruit has cooled, top with whipped cream. 9. Enjoy!

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