September 27, 2021

By Rajesh Mishra | 10 January 2018 05:59:23This article first appeared on The Conversation.

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It’s a staple of Indian recipes, with coconut dry food as a staple in many Indian cuisines.

But what exactly is coconut flour?

And what’s coconut dry?

This video explains.

The basicsThe coconut flour is an unbleached flour that contains a combination of water, coconut oil and water.

It is not a powder but rather a mixture of the ingredients that make up a flour.

For example, it contains water, but there are two additional ingredients: coconut oil (or oil of palm) and water (or coconut lye).

When coconut flour hits the surface of a pan, it is then mixed with the other ingredients to make a dough.

The coconut lard is the water-soluble portion of the coconut flour.

It forms part of the dough.

The coconut lards can be added to the dough to form a stiff consistency and a thick, solid dough.

It takes about 30 minutes for the coconut dry to cook.

The basic recipeThe coconut dry is a dough that can be made from one to four tablespoons of coconut oil, and then a third to four tablespoon of coconut larded coconut flour, plus about 1 tablespoon of extra coconut larding.

When making this coconut dry, you can substitute the coconut lade for the water used in the dough, or omit it altogether.

The ingredients you add can vary depending on the consistency of the dry.

The final productThe coconut dries for around two hours in a 400°F oven, which allows it to cook through to the point where the coconut flakes turn a bright golden colour.

You can adjust the temperature by using a fan, but the final result should not change from the pan that you used.

The dough is then rolled into a log, wrapped in cling film and placed on a baking sheet to dry.

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