September 30, 2021

The word “fruit” has come to mean something else entirely, according to a new dictionary definition.

The dictionary definition of fruit comes from the word “flavour,” which is what a fruit does.

A fruit is “a mixture of various fruit parts,” according to the dictionary.

The word “bark,” meanwhile, has come up with the same definition.

“The bark is a characteristic of trees, usually those of the oak or chestnut family,” the dictionary says.

“Its appearance is generally soft and finely grained.”

But while the dictionary definition seems like a good one for a snack, the word itself has a whole new meaning.

“Flavour” has been defined by the Food and Drug Administration as “a combination of flavor, aroma, texture, appearance, taste, or characteristic of a food.”

The FDA has recently been testing a new definition of “flavor,” which the company says should be widely accepted.

And that’s a big step for the dictionary, which says the definition should be considered “the most widely accepted version of the word” at this point.

According to the company’s definition, “flavors are the distinctive and distinctive characteristics of a natural product.”

The new dictionary’s definition is similar to the FDA’s definition: “A natural product, vegetable, fruit, nut, seed, plant, or part of a plant, is a natural mixture of food ingredients or an ingredient of a naturally occurring food.”

“Flavour is a more general term, including any characteristic of food, which can include flavors, aromas, flavors and aromas,” the company adds.

The company says it has created a new, more comprehensive dictionary definition, which it will share with the FDA as soon as it is released.

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