October 8, 2021

Updated April 24, 2018 05:03:31 A dried fruit dessert recipe you can make from a few ingredients, with no fancy ovens or food processor required.

This is one of the few recipes that’s completely vegan, but the key is to enjoy the flavors and textures.

The ingredients list is very simple, but not overwhelming, and the desserts are surprisingly easy to make.

You’ll need: dried fruit, powdered sugar, cocoa powder, almond extract, water, cocoa butter, vanilla extract, honey, and nutmeg.

The process of making these ingredients is relatively easy, and you can get these ingredients from the Australian Food Supply website.

The recipe for the dry fruit cookies is called the “Raspberry Risotto” (it sounds like raspberry in English).

This is a simple, classic dessert that’s easy to recreate and a great breakfast or lunch dessert.

Here’s how to make the Raspberry Risoto: 1.

Make the dry ingredients.

1.1kg dried raspberries 1 cup powdered sugar 1 tsp.

cocoa powder 1/4 tsp.

salt 1 tsp vanilla extract 1 cup almond extract 1 tsp water 1 cup cocoa butter 1 cup vanilla extract (optional) 2.

Heat the oven to 180°C (350°F).

Add the dried rascals, powdered and salt, and let them cool slightly.

(You can also use a food processor to puree the powdered sugar.)


Place the dried raspberry rascas in a blender with the almond and water, and blitz until smooth.


Pour the almond extract into the dry rascara mixture, along with the remaining powdered sugar.

Blend until the ingredients are very smooth and creamy.

Pour into the prepared pan.


Pour in the chocolate chips and serve.


If you like a sweeter, drier raspberry flavor, add more powdered sugar and cocoa powder to the dry raspberry risotto.


Serve warm.

Notes: This recipe was originally published in the June 2018 issue of Australian Financial Press, and can be read here.

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